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It's Addoway versus Bonanza

With eBay busily destroying their reputation and driving sellers away from their platform, it is becoming increasingly competitive for marketplaces such as Addoway and Bonanza to fill the void. One huge benefit of both Addoway and Bonanza (and eBid) is that they do not impose ridiculous seller account limitations. This means you can work hard to produce a large online store and not be dictated to in terms of the number of items you list for sale.

Bonanza and Addoway are also conscious of the importance of social media and have done well to allow store owners the opportunity to promote their booths using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Digg. This is also a fun aspect of selling and lets you learn more about how to engage your target markets. With I use as much social media to demonstrate new and unique items on a daily basis.

Both Bonanza and Addoway are easy to use. They have great user interfaces and both have demonstrated to me good customer service levels with all inquiries handled quickly and efficiently. Their listing import tools are very useful and save a lot of energy and time, which is really important for store owners. The only thing lacking according to reviews of both websites is the lack of promotion by both marketplaces.

Given the number of online tools these days, all shop owners should be busy promoting their stores and products! There is no excuse for lacklustre efforts in this department and you cannot lay idly by and expect Addoway and Bonanza to do all the work for you! Marketing is something you should be constatly working on, adjusting, improving, learning about and trialling new resources at every available opportunity!

As for which marketplace is best, I have no preference. Both and are equally good and I think more and more online buyers and sellers will take up accounts with them over time. But we sellers also need to be aware of the need for continual and consistent effort to promote these alternative marketplaces, as well as our own accounts! Tell friends and family to list and or buy product from these venues, as they are excellent viable alternatives to you-know-who!

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Curious George | February 6th 2014 at 1391680308

1. You have a VOTED IN ECOMMERCEBYTES 2014 SURVEY badge shown in your About Me Bonanza page. How do you respond to the public quotes? made from,

The Results Are In at Sellers Choice Awards for Marketplaces and according to all Public comments made (quote):
_by: JenniferL} I'm reading from a Bonanza seller that they were offered reward points to take the survey.
_by: Patricia) I received an email from Bonanza offering 250 tokens to take the seller's choice survey.
_by: Carlos Danger) I have read that bonanza gave some soft of site points to anyone that posted in this survey. If that is true should that get them removed for buying votes? How can we trust the results if vote buying is going to be allowed to stand?

2. What is your definition of "Character vs Reputation" within the Marketplaces? while,

Reviewing your shops With over 26,000+ inventory items in both sites:
Bonanzling since 12/25/13 with zero Feedback
Addoway Member since: Jan 2014 with zero Feedback
Your site location show California yet your researched location shows AU

3. Do you now wish you should have waited from writing this specific blog? since,

_Your (this) blog was written on January 20th 2014
_The Sellers Choice Award Results were posted Sat Feb 1 2014 19:43:29

(just being curious, thanks!)
oohyey | February 6th 2014 at 1391753821

A better question might be why don't you have the guts to identify yourself by your real name instead of hiding behind a computer?


Your mindless ramble about Ecommercebytes, votes and the rest of the drivel above really aren't worth responding to.

I'm not here for awards, Ecommercebytes, surveys or any of the incidental rubbish like your rant above which mean zilch to me. I'm here to provide a service and that's all. People make their own minds up on which platforms work best for their needs.
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Curious George | May 14th 2014 at 1400135640

Hi, thanks again for your nice reply about your store.

PS: My friends call me by my first (shorten) nickname "Curi" but my co-workers use to
call me Mr. George.

I'm now retired but you may call me Curi too.

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