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Contenders as Alternatives to eBay

There are many part-time and professional online sellers sick and tired of 'Feebay.' Not just because of increasing fees, but because of constant change and increasing complexity in policies (and subsequent violations of them!) and that the company seems to be punishing sellers and rewarding bad buyer behaviors and attitudes.

Three alternatives to eBay are Bonanza, eBid and Addoway. All three have really great user interfaces, are easy to use and have a 'kinder' fee structure. They all encourage using and linking social media accounts to member stores and helping promote your listings. They are fighting a tough battle to draw in buyers and sellers. But unless enough of us give them a go and KEEP WORKING at promoting them, they will never grow.

Online buyers and sellers deserve better than the status quo scraped up by Feebay. People deserve to be treated better and unless they demand that level of respect, the global monolith will never show it. It's high time we started to reward the little guys. Just look at Etsy. With a strong focus on hand-crafted items it has become a brand all of its own and people have flocked to it. To this extent, we need also to keep working at buying and selling on Addoway, Bonanza and eBid and give them support. Use social media to promote the items we like and see on those sites and actively use them where ever possible.

The market needs a level playing field and eBay no longer provides this: or even cares about it. If you can speak to someone there who has a firm grasp of the English language, consider yourself fortunate. Their tech support is becoming worse and worse and so too is the general attitude towards sellers. If you want to start a new business with lots of listings, you should definitely consider any or all of eBid, Bonanza and They do not impose utterly ridiculous "seller limitations," which effectively dictate your rate of growth!!!! is currently directing to our Bonanza store. We have also set up oohyey on Addoway and have been working feverishly on an eBid store. Our store is facing difficulty because the categorization is more complex and their listing policies much more stringent, which makes it difficult for bulk uploads of hundreds or more products. You will get pulled up if even one listing is miscategorized, which is easy when dealing with thousands of product data files!

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