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Books, Tea and Other Chit Chat - Transfer 5

Cheetahs, Trains and Other Fancy Stuff...

Its been a while since my last post, sorry about that kinda got carried away with Halloween and then the Holiday season was here and now almost over! Its cold out so I've been sipping lots of tea! Tried a new one for me anyway, and would you believe it its decaffeinated! Didn't mean for it to be, but when your rushing through Target with a toddler things get missed. I have to say its scrummy, Earl Grey Tea by Twinings. Its actually very good without adding any sweeteners. I'm a true fan of it now. So yesterday our fun with learning was completely inside, it was cold out so we didn't get out except for little errands. Today we already have, snow! One of our highlights for the day was The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill Peet, what a fun read. I read it to my son 3x its easy to add silly zaniness too and the caboose shares some very valid feelings about herself, nobody likes being at the end of the line. The Caboose did not feel special because of her circumstances. So with that we talked about feelings and how it is okay to feel any way you want, but making a choice to take lemons and make lemonade is a personal choice each day we each make.  We also took that too focus on the color red and counting the animals we found on the pages. My sons count was far higher than mine. Over the last week I finished Pride And Prejudice And Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith so immersed mom in comic book scenario was so exciting! Number one I love Zombies! Number Two I love Quirk Books! So here is my tweet-sized review...Proper ladies and gentleman sitting for tea and preparing for suitors is all good and well, but during this high time of death and killing with hungry zombies a foot Elizabeth and her sisters focus on survival. Taking up daggers and anything they can find to fiend off these flesh-eating beasts while trying to appear ladylike among high society. This was a fun zombie romp if you ask me! Well time for a refill, until next time.

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