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Are Trade shows Worth It? And How to Prepare

There’s a trade show coming and it’s highlighting your industry. Should you invest in a booth? Will you actually see a return on your investment? ROI is the bottom line for potential tradeshow attendees (ROI is the bottom line for everything, really). The answers are “yes.” Nine out of ten tradeshow attendees are eager to see what’s new in their industry and eight out of ten are decision makers with purchasing authority. In other words, most attendees are seeking productive ways to spend their money. So, if you invest wisely and use your time productively, you’ll see a return on your investment.

So, now you’re attending. What do you do next? Prepare. You can do that by:

o Sending out notices. Let companies and individuals with whom you hope to establish working relationships know that you will be showing at an upcoming tradeshow. Introduce yourself and tell them to come say hello. Perhaps even use the opportunity to set up an appointment.

Inform existing customers, too. You already have their business and they’d probably love to see your new and updated items. Offer to buy their admission tickets and/or lunch or a drink. Make them feel special and show them that you care about them.

o Researching. The Internet is a great tool. Use it. Research the tradeshow. Check out the location, the people, and areas from which it draws. Look up the competition and research the kinds of booth displays they used at prior shows. You don’t want to copy, of course, you just want to see what might have made them stand out. See the kinds of booths similar businesses used. Pinterest and Google images have great suggestions, too.

o Planning. Think about how you want to set-up your booth. Do you want a small or large area? Do you want a sectioned-off, comfortable place to receive customers? Perhaps then, you’d like a few comfortable chairs, a desk, or maybe even couch. What kind of handouts do you want? Make sure everything is ready to go way in advance. It eases stress.

o Arrange Custom Trade Show Displays and Custom Trade Show Exhibits or a Trade Show Rental Booth from a professional tradeshow expert that offers attention grabbing graphics and bold designs. Attendees passing by your booth take less than a second to decide if they are going to approach you. One tenth of a second, to be exact. So, your booth must be fantastic. A professional tradeshow expert is, therefore, imperative

Next Level Displays

Next Level Displays offers a wide selection of trade show displays and exhibits at every price point. It can create Custom Trade Show Displays and Rental Tradeshow Booths, based upon your specifications, from 10 x 10 through double deck displays.

Its in-house graphics department utilizes a sixty-inch wide printer that can produce vibrant photo murals, large, banners, detachable and first surface vinyl graphics. It also offers:

Tension Fabric Displays. These displays utilize a fitted fabric artwork cover over a lightweight frame. They come in the following varieties:

o Entasi Displays

o Allure Kiosks

o Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs for Trade shows. These displays use high quality graphics and can be seen from all over the tradeshow. They come in the following sizes and shapes:

o Round Aluminum Frame (10’ x 42”; 12 ’x 42”; 15’ x 42”; and 12’ x 60”)

o Round Pinwheel Aluminum Frame(10’ x 36”; 14’ x 60”; and 16’ x 60”)

o Square Aluminum Frame (12’ x 42”)

o Triangle Aluminum Frame (10’ x 42”; 12’ x 42”; and 12’ X 48”)

o Triangle Tapered Aluminum Frame (10’ x 48” and 16’ x 60”)

o Eye Shaped Aluminum Frame (10’ x 42”; 10’ x 48”; and 12’ x 60”)

These displays, really, are only just an example. Next Level Displays offers Pop-Up Displays, Banner Stands, Truss Displays, and Bargain Displays. See its website for more information.

Next Level Displays can manage both large and small projects in a timely manner and those with tight deadlines. Its trained, experienced, and professional consultants seek to completely satisfy your tradeshow needs.

Next Level Displays also offers it offers lighting, flooring, round trip shipping, installation and dismantling, and now, warehousing.

Contact one of its consultants today.

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