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How to Attach a Bow to the Crochet Headbands for Babies

Your bundle of joy is ultimately here. It is now time to buy some excellent accessories for her to make her appear more cute and pretty. Hair accessories are something that is preferred by most mothers to complement their baby’s outfit. Numerous such hair accessories are there and the most common of them all are the crochet headbands for babies. You can tie small strands of hair of your little girl very easily with the help of these headbands. As they are available in various shapes, colors and sizes, so, it is very easy to choose the perfect one for your little girl. Any hair accessory starting from headbands to baby hair bows, can look awesome in your baby’s head if you pick up the right one. It is a good decision to buy them online as they offer you a huge collection and unique designs. You can even get it wrapped from the online sites if you are planning to gift nay of such accessory.

Things to be taken into consideration before buying a headband

The first thing to be considered before you proceed to buy a headband for your baby is its size. Crochet headbands are available in a variety of lengths and widths. A crochet headband measures form 1.5`` to as long as 5``. Those headbands measuring 5`` are generally worn by grown up girls. If you have a newborn baby, then you can buy those measuring 1.5``.  The next important thing to consider is the color of the headband. When you buy a headband from a local shop you can take along you the outfit of the baby and buy matching stuffs accordingly. As such bands are worn by babies so; it is good to buy bright colored headbands like red, pink, orange and even white.

How to increase the beauty of the headbands?

You can change the entire outlook of a headband by attaching baby hair bows with them. But the most common question that haunts every mother is how to attach these bows. However, you must not worry as the procedure is very simple and easy. A bow can be attached to the headband without nay traditional embellishment. All you need to do is weave the barrette in and out of the material just the way you do a needle work on a cloth. Alligator clips are the best option for this task and it should be woven with care so that the headband is not snagged. Crochet headbands for babies are very cheap and they are available even in online stores. This is in fact the most popular hair accessory for babies and also for young girls. The prices start from $1 and can go up to as much as $30 depending upon the material used. However, prices can be a bit higher in the local shops than in online stores. There is actually no difference between a $3 headband that you purchase online and a $15 headband brought from a local shop.

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