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Why Buy Vintage?

When I was in my twenties, I had no interest in antiques.  They seemed expensive, but interesting.  I would go to antique stores thinking I would find some cheap furniture to use in my apartment while finishing my college education.  I wanted something unique with character.  Something no one else had.  Unfortunately, I found out that "antique" furniture was usually more expensive than "new" furniture.

Several years later, after I finished college, I moved to rural Oklahoma to live.  It was there that I discovered "estate" sales, and my opinion of "antiques" took on a new view.  Estate sales were like walking into a unique view of history as seen through the eyes of one person, or family.  I found many things I had wanted as a child, and many things that were just gorgeous and unavailable today.  Thus began my collecting career.  It was not much of a leap from collecting, to...  Read More

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