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3 Non-Toxic & Inexpensive Cleaning Solutions For Your Entire Home

As a homeowner you wish to protect your home through proper maintenance & judicious cleaning. Keeping things neat & tidy around the home not just keep yourselves and your households healthy but also keep your things in great working condition for longer.

Usually, when looking for home cleaning products, a majority of the people would like to go directly to their nearest store to purchase some. But many of these products feature harsh or poisonous chemicals that aren’t just bad for our health but quite horrible for the environment as well.

Being a leading home cleaning company in Boston, we feel it is our responsibility to guide with some toxic-free cleaning solutions that you can find from your home. Let’s check them out:

Grapefruit and Salt Bathroom Cleaner:

Who does not love a clean bathroom to get a fresh shower? If your tub or shower is looking very ugly with a great amount of obstinate rust, all you need to do is employ grapefruits & coarse kosher salt. Just have a few grapefruits, add the coarse salt on top of them and scrub them around your tub or shower. You can see the rust has gone immediately.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Vegetable Oil Kitchen Surface Cleaner:

If you just love cooking at home then for sure there one thing you disgust cleaning in your kitchen later – the grease. Nonetheless, you can eliminate grease with ease just by employing some kitchen stuff like baking soda, vinegar, or vegetable oil. All you need to do is apply liberally any of these 3 stuff on the greased surface of your kitchen, wait for a few minutes and wipe it out then to enjoy a clean surface immediately.

Make An All-Purpose Cleaner:

If you don’t have a lot of time to make different types of homemade cleaners, just make an all-purpose one. By just mixing water, Hydrogen Peroxide & lemon juice, you will already have cost-effective, toxic-free cleaner that you can employ all around the home from wiping windows to whitening your garments.

Whether you are looking a complete home cleaning or a kitchen sink cleaning in Boston you can trust on My Boston Maids. Let your home shine by one of the most reliable maid services in Boston. To schedule a professional cleaning service in Boston or the surrounding suburbs, please feel free to get in touch with us on 617-804-5857.

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