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The Beautiful Orange Button

I receive so much goodness by selling online. I am not rich by doing so this is for sure, but I am able to pay some bills for our household, buy some fun things for myself, my husband, my daughter, granddaughter, with one grandbaby on the way, family & friends. I love to have a stash of gifts on hand.  And of course there is the overhead of having a company, restocking items, shipping costs, etc. These are the things I do with the money that I make online, that is until now.

I signed up here at Addoway a month prior to really getting involved in the dynamics of it all. Before I really started to explore how things work, talking to other shop owners, learning from the owner, and joining in on the chat with the Facebook group.

Well as I was exploring just the other day I noticed at the top of the page it said in bold donate surrounded in orange. I couldn't miss it. It was big as life. This time I chose not to ignore those words I so many times in life online pass over. I read on & learned it was for the Tornado Victims Relief Fund. So I clicked donate. Right here: . I was amazed at easy it was to donate. It was a simple process that made total sense to me. Then it really made sense to me.

I can pay my bills for a house over my head and buy things to go in it. These poor people in our country don't even have a house to live in any more, many of them. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to hide for cover & be so scared that you may not make it through the horrible weather, worried you cannot protect your family enough, let alone your home and belongings. I have no idea what that feeling is like. I have no idea what it is like to live through such devistation of the weather and then come out from cover to see what was once a house, a street, a town, gone. Completely gone, nothing left but rubble. Where did it all go? What will I do now? Where we sleep tonight? I mean I could make this into a very long essay of all the thoughts & feelings & things one must have to do in this situtation. But I think I am making the point already.

I sit here in my cozy home studio as I write this thinking about why more people don't click that pretty orange donate button? A simple small amount of our profits can help so much. I know we all don't have much to give, but I bet if we gave up that starbucks, that pack of cookies, those bottles of water, etc. that we could reach down and find a little something to give to our fellow citizen who has absolutely nothing. I know if it were us in need we sure would be praying that our fellow neighbors simply click that orange button and give a small percentage of the profits we made for the month. It's a pretty orange button. It represents so much, like hope & unity, life & love.

Thank you Addoway for being such a super company to care so much about our fellow friends that you have put that orange button there for us to be able to step outside of ourselves for just a moment, and give unselfishly. To show that we care. To be grateful for what we do have and help those who need us. Thank you Addoway for giving us the opportunity to unite and give hope to those who need it so badly right now. I am so glad I have chosen your company to be the place I sell and make a profit in order to give back.

That a way Addoway!
Thank you,
Jennifer K. O'Hara

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