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Why Digital Printing Is A Good Marketing Move

When it comes to having marketing material printed, you have to choose which method you would prefer. Although there is a variety to choose from, digital printing is often considered the best move. It’s a modern method that takes an image on a computer screen and translates it into a physical medium. This makes it more instantaneous than other methods, such as offset printing (which utilises film, printing plates and ink to produce the medium).

1.    Fast Results
One of the key reasons behind the Popularity of Digital Printing is that it can provide you with fast results. Once the designs are complete, they’re ready to go – you don’t have to wait around for plates to be created nor do you have to wait for the ink to dry. If you’re working to a short deadline (as in, you need those brochures yesterday), this is the only method that will provide you with a quality product immediately.

2.    Cost Effective
You will find that this method of printing is incredibly cost effective, particularly when it comes to low volume orders. This is because there aren’t any setup costs involved, making it perfect for those working with strict budgets. You will be able to spend the whole budget on having the material printed, as opposed to offset (where you need to ensure that there’s enough set aside for the creation of plates).

3.    Quality Finish
It is incredibly easy to customise text, images and colours during the printing process without slowing the whole thing down. You might have sent a brochure to the printer only to realise that the wrong shade of purple has been used  - simply fix it up and send the new document through. Digital also allows for highly accurate proofing, which enables detailed samples to be created for your convenience.

4.    Standard Paper
It should be noted that digital printing is best suited to marketing material that utilises standard paper sizes, weights and types. When using paper that is heavier, more lightweight or even textured, you will find that other methods (such as offset) will provide a better finish. You will be able to utilise some different paper sizes and formats, but you should contact your printer for more information.

5.    Simple Re-Runs
It is not uncommon for brochures and catalogues to be reprinted a few times a year – pricing might change, new products/service might be added and a whole wealth of other changes could be made. This method of printing actually allows for re-runs to be made relatively inexpensively – simply upload the new file and press print. This ensures that the new material can be on your shelf as quickly as possible.

If you are trying to determine between printing methods for your latest batch of marketing material, we hope that you’ve give digital printing a go. As you can see, it offers a number of advantages over other methods, which is why it’s such a popular choice. Whether you’re printing packaging, photographs, books and manuals, mailing or other stationary-based marketing materials, going digital will provide you with the very best finish.

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