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What Are The Different Types Of Locks You Must Know About?

Locks are the most essential stuff in our life as all of us like to protect our hard earned possessions. Whether you are business owner or residential property owner you’d want to give your possession the best protection available. There is a lot of variety available when it comes to locks. Let’s talk about a few of them:


Well, padlocks are the most familiar freestanding lock & easy to recognize in a lock line-up. The first padlocks were employed in ancient Egypt & Babylon, preferred for their portability, which is still in great demand. Now there are 2 main types of padlocks with several variations.

Combination padlocks:

These types of locks need a precise number of strings in order to unlatch the locking machine. These locks can come either with a single dial or manifold dials, though the single dial locks most commonly founded on school lockers.



Deadbolts are usually assumed of as being more secure compared to the typical spring lock because they can’t be opened unless a key is employed to twist the locking cylinder to the open position. You may have seen these locks employed on homes & other exterior doors as a supplementary layer of protection in combination with a less secure lock.

Knob locks:


Knob locks are generally employed on the exterior doors of residential properties in amalgamation with a deadbolt lock. They’re a simple form of spring lock & not pretty secure because the cylinder is inside the knob instead of the door.

Regrettably, the knob can be knocked off the door with pliers and hammer, or by using enough force, making the fact that these locks are considerably simple to pick almost irrelevant. Nevertheless, knob locks should never be employed as the single locking system on an exterior door, and though they were once popular in a variety of applications, knob locks are best employed as interior locks in a residential setting.

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