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Hello to all Addoway Shoppers! I am 100% trustworthy, ship fast and am a collector of many items myself. I know what it is like to purchase something and then wait for it to arrive. I have been a trusted "power seller" on another well-known website for many years - since 1997. I am beginning to branch out and try new sites in order to broaden my marketbase a bit. I have a personal interest in the following: jewelry; ladies items, such as purses, hats, cosmetic bags, scarves, etc.; dolls; glassware; and the strange & unusual. I actually have access to an upscale resale shop in my area that gets the kewlest things. I go there at least 3 times per week, because they are always putting new things out. Many items I keep, but many items I offer for sale. I would be happy to listen to any special requests you might be interested in finding and it put it on my "list" to find for you. A "picker" of...  Read More
"Do not go where the path may lead - instead - make a new path and then leave a trail."
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