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Hi there,
so you guys want to know a little about me?

Well, I am from Germany originally, lived 15 years in England and moved in 2005 to my most favourite place of them all - Gran Canaria.

I used to be in sales & marketing among varies other activities and since moving to the Canary Islands I have mainly focused my interests to online activities.

And I think I have now found what I enjoy doing the most, selling quality items as near to wholesale pricing as possible to anyone that is interested.

To me the whole point of having an online shop is not to make as much profit as possible (although I do like money, lol), but to give people access to items they like for the best price possible.

That is also the reason why you won´t find just certain items for sale in my online shop, but a great variety of things. Because I will only sell things that are a great deal for my customers.
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"High Quality Goods @ Wholesale Prices!..."
Name:MB High Quality At Wholesale Prices
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