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Why Choose A Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Why would you go for a wall mount kitchen faucet? Certainly because, it offers a lot of extra facilities which your sink or kitchen top mount faucet won't offer! Kitchen faucets have to fulfill certain requirements which you would want the wall mount faucet to do. That is why matching it well with the kitchen theme, and planning it well is important.

Why choose a wall mount faucet over a sink mount faucet

The wall mount faucet saves you from a big cleaning task. The base of sink mount faucets easily catches molds and grease, and the accumulation of soap deposits and constant touch of water etc makes it slurry to touch. This does not happens with the wall mounted faucets, and hence hey remain clean while retaining their polish for years. Another feature of the wall mounted faucets is that, you can get a retractable hose design with it, which is not a good fit for the sink faucets. The retractable design gives you ample space to position and work, while pulling the water hose to the direction you want. This does not clutter the kitchen sink top, and keeps it roomy for you.

wall mount kitchen faucet

Another big advantage of wall mount faucet is that, they prevent you from changing the faucet while rearranging the kitchen top, or reconstructing your kitchen, changing the sink etc. You don't have to change anything over the kitchen counter top to accommodate the wall mount kitchen faucet, and this is a relief. You can bring in a sink of any design in future and won't have to think of changing the wall faucet unless it's about matching the design and looks.

Other points to note

The wall mount kitchen faucet may come with a close spaced hot and cold water controls, or a distant spaced one. The choice will be yours. However for kitchen, a close spacing is always more comfortable to work with. You can also get the water saver touch less faucets in the wall mount designs. (Golden Polished Brass Finish Bathroom Faucets)

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