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Where to “Stick” Your Sticker

Stickers are a smart way to advertise your business and/or product. They immediately cause name recognition, which is one of the main goals of advertising. They’re versatile. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes and you can customize them with your logo, company information - any way you want. They’re also practical. Comparing the costs of stickers to other advertising costs, you get quite a lot for what you spend. And, well, they’re fun. Who doesn’t love “sticking” a sticker onto something?

Many businesses have used stickers wisely and effectively. Such is because they found unique places to “stick” their stickers. In Indonesia, Frontline Flea & Tick Spray placed three huge vinyl stickers across the floors in three malls. The stickers showed a dog scratching itself. That might not sound like much, but when you looked down from the upper levels of the mall, people walking across the sticker looked like the dog’s fleas.

In Germany, Cillit Bang, a cleaning agent, half cleaned five-cent coins, placed a sticker on the coin, then placed them out the coins to customers. Sales of the cleaner rose subsequently rose 337%.

So, where are some unique places to put a sticker advertising your business? The idea is to target your customer base, if applicable and possible. Here are some suggestions:

o In restrooms. They’re the perfect place. Lots of people go there. Place your sticker on the mirror, in the stall, on the sink, and on the hand dryer. Perhaps you could target particular buildings.

o On elevator doors. They’re perfect, too, because people inside the elevator always look forward. Plus, the ride’s boring. They’ll love having something to do. Again, perhaps you could target particular buildings.

o On water coolers. Once again, you could target certain buildings.

o In Laundromats. People are always hanging around inside a Laundromat. Perhaps there are Laundromats in areas where a target customer base lives.

o On trashcans and lids. Maybe a target customer base utilizes are certain trashcan. You could place a sticker on that trashcan.

Essentially, the possibilities are endless.

Melbourne Stickers

Melbourne Stickers creates custom stickers and helps businesses effectively advertise through sticker printing. It has a wide array of stickers any business can custom design, including custom vinyl stickers, aluminum stickers, Bumper stickers, stickers for cars, and metallic foil stickers, plus many more. It’s your number one locations for sticker printing Australia.

Melbourne Stickers uses the latest digital printing technology to precisely reproduce your image with intense color and detail. You can print them any size you want and place them anywhere you want. Most stickers have a 2-3 day turn around you’re limited to only your imagination.

Call or visit Melbourne Stickers in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia of visit its website for more information and/or a free quote.

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