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I am a retired shooting preserve manager but I still spend about 35 hours a weekend for forty or so weekends a year working gun shows selling holsters and tactical equipment. I also have an EBay store (Outward Bound Products) and maintain a 100% feedback rating. I believe in fair both ways customer service. I love to meet new people but I like to go fishing too, so don't expect me to be on call 24/7. But do expect me to take care of business and respect customers requests.

OUR RETURN POLICY IS SIMPLE; Anything that requires a fit is returnable, anything that does not generally is not. Buyers remorse is not a good reason to back out of a deal. I am a firm believer in being fair however and I will listen to your situation if offered in a mature, calm and knowledgable way. Otherwise, I may cut you off! The best way to avoid returns is to read the description in full and ask any questions you...  Read More
""Look at all the rest; then come on back and buy the best!""
Name:Armor Tough Holsters
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