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History of wedding dresses – Some facts you must know about a line wedding dresses

In most of the weddings of a modern world, brides assign at least ten percent of the total wedding budget to wedding attire. Wedding attire includes not only wedding dress but also other accessories like of headpieces, lingerie, jewelry, veils, and heels. To capture this exponentially expanding market, several boutique and departmental store owners, internationally popular designers, and branded cloth stores are coming up with their wedding dress collections. Even brides are also not hesitating to spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dress thinking that wedding is once in a lifetime moment. It is even encouraging several new players to come into this market. Let’s have a look at the history of a line wedding dresses.
Importance of a line wedding dresses with white lace
If you closely observe weddings, most of the times bride is only seen in white colored a line wedding dresses only.  White lace wedding dresses are not only popular for celebrity weddings but also in weddings of normal people. The white color of the wedding dress represents the royalty of Victorian times of British Empire. Until the mid-nineteenth century, white color dresses are not much popular, and different colored wedding dresses are used in weddings representing the social status of a woman. However, white became predominantly popular and even religious heads also supported the same as the white represents purity, peace and wholeheartedness in most of the traditions.
In the ancient times, wedding are based on commercial and economic interest and the parents of bride and bridegroom are least concerned about the love interests of bride and groom. Brightly colored dresses are most preferred during that time as they represent prosperity. 
In the medical times, the importance of wedding grew enormously, and the parents started giving some value to the suggestions of their kids. Dresses like White lace wedding dress is hardly seen, and the bride has to dress in such a way that it represent the whole cast of her family. Rich and vibrant colors and expensive fabrics were used in designing bridal wedding dresses. In some cases, even gems and diamonds were also sewn to show their social status. Usage of furs, velvet, and silk had also been observed.
Now a day also, most of the brides feel that the wedding dress she is wearing represents her social status. That’s the reason they prefer ultra-modern wedding dresses White lace wedding dress when compared to vintage models. 
Frankly speaking, the wedding dresses of one culture are different from others in so many ways. In the Western culture, still white (here white includes whites such as eggshell, ecru, and ivory) is the most preferred wedding dress color. In the Eastern culture, red is the most preferred color. Most of the Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis and Vietnamese still preferred over white. In the Native American culture, each tribe has their colored wedding dresses. White, Blue, Yellowish Orange, Black are some of the colors seen in Native American culture but now White is the most preferred color for wedding dresses in USA also.

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