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Different Types of Riding Boots

The riding boots are a boot meant for horse riding only. If you consider the traditional boot then they are at least high enough to touch just below the knee.

There is significance for this length. The boot is high enough so that the saddle leather does not pinch the leg of the rider and it also gives a sturdy balance to the rider when he or she steps on the ground. The typical riding boot also has a different type of heel to ensure proper balance and to prevent the feet from slipping from the stirrup. The sole of the riding boot is also smooth and well textured so that in case an individual falls off the horse the foot will not be caught in the stirrup.

The modern are different from the traditional ones. The new shoes have a low heel, typically less than one inch. Even though it is important that the heel be more than 2 inches for the grip on the stirrup, the new boots are almost without a heel. Today patent pumps white only a few designs of cowboy boots have the typical high heels.

English riding boots
Some categories of the riding boots fall in to the English category. There are many styles and designs in the English boot category. These styles differ from occasion to occasion. Some styles are designed for horse shows while are designed for pleasure riding only. The style of really tall boots that end below the knee are used for hunting. They are the standard hunting boots worn by all hunters who follow a certain discipline of dressage. Another type of boots that fall in the English category are the ones that stop just above the ankle. These shoes are generally worn by kids only and for professional performers. This shoe is also known as the lower paddock riding boot.

Another type is the field boot. These riding boots have lacing around the ankle of the boot. The benefit of this lacing is that it allows the rider christian louboutin wedges on sale to be more comfortable while riding. These boots also help to get a better grip on the stirrup and that this why the field boot is preferred over other boots for jumping activities. They are also used for hunting activities such as fox hunting and jumping activities such as eventing. Some police officers also wear these shoes.

They are very comfortable for policemen who ride motor bikes. For some police agencies these field boots are also a part of their dress code.

Dress boots are another common type of riding boots. These boots are different from the field boots because they do not have lacing around the ankle. They are also stiffer than the field. They are hunters who indulge in the formal fox hunts and by eventers as well. These boots are also common worn among the show jumpers. You also find that dress boots are only in black colour. A few variations of dress boots are also available.

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