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USG2210: How to Import the DPI upgrade file

Question: USG2210 how to import the DPI upgrade file? And how to activate the import?


The steps overview:

The command line:

First, open the DPI

DPI enable


The second step: upload the DPI knowledge base to CF/ SD card, if not, to the flash (ensure that more than 8M of space CF/ SD card. If no CF/ SD card, please make sure that there are more than 8M of space in the Flash)

TFTP get xx.rul


The third step: to upgrade


Update rule-base file xx.rul


The fourth step: verify

Display DPI Brief

Delete unwanted files:

1, delete /unreserved flash:/io_packtfile.bin:  delete directly

2, delete flash:/io_packtfile.bin

Reset recycle-bin flash:   command to empty the recycle bin

The similar product USG2130 more information on

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