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Why you should choose Huawei SN-Y130614-S1700 switch

S1700 switch

1 Analysis of the SMB switch Market

2012 global small and CSHD medium enterprises exchange market reached US $1140000000, the existing 4000 enterprises in 99% for small and medium enterprises. S1700 switches as Huawei positioning in the individual and small and medium-sized enterprise switches, can be widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet cafes, hotels, schools, Ethernetaccess scenario.

S1700 series SMB switch

S1700 series contains no managed switches, web management typeswitch and SNMP switch three class management, to meet a variety ofmanagement; S1700 meet the installation scenario, including desktop, wall hanging, rack and other various installation requirements of scene.

1, Huawei S1700 series switches provide a system recovery, upgrading andinformation collection function, simplify the operation and management of small and medium sized enterprises.

2, through the verification, and the third party brand switch (Cisco H3C, etc.)can be a good interconnection.

3, with DoS attack prevention, anti worm virus, IP and MAC sourceprotection and VCT advanced features.

4, the following energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard, greatly reduce thepower consumption, the machine can achieve energy saving 30%.

As the Huawei distributor Synnex Technology International, has been withthe absolute superiority in the technology, service, logistics, financial and other aspects of support Huawei, perfect product and solution for enterpriseusers, Metro card to achieve efficient and reliable network environment powerenterprise users


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