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The network management configuration problems of Huawei switch

Question 1: how to clear the User configuration EAS2 information of the current configuration file ?

Answer 1: use the reset saved-configuration command in the user view, delete the switch current configuration file in the user information.

The contents of the file when the configuration files are erased, space configuration file the same name will be created, and load the HGMP initial configuration file. Save the configuration information, when Switch restarts, loading the HGMP default enableconfiguration.

Reset saved-configuration is generally used in the following circumstances: will a have configured the switch to the new application environment, the original configuration file can not adapt to the new environment needs, need to re configure the switch, the userconfiguration information when using the reset saved-configuration can remove theconfiguration file, re configuration.

Note: the configuration of the reset saved-configuration command, reboot the device when you choose not to save the current configuration file.

Remove and re configuration information can only be effective in the device restarts, the current configuration.


Question 2: What is the bootrom password of the switch?

Answer 2: Start the bootrom switch system, in 2 seconds, press the "CTRLB", the need to enter a password to enter the menu BOOTROM. The default password is "huawei".


Question 3: configure the switch speed, what is the relationship between the CIR and CBS?

Answer 3: configure the switch speed, the relationship between CIR and cbs:

The maximum length of CBS is greater than the message.

In the continuous flow condition for CBS no special requirements, the average rate is the rate of cir.

In the case of bursty traffic needs to ensure that, if the CBS is equivalent to kbit less than CIR, then CBS cannot guarantee the burst traffic. Otherwise, CBS can be configured insome.

In the speed of FTP business, because FTP belongs to the TCP business, TCP has itsspecial transmission mechanism to cause the flow can not reach the limit rate should achieve, the recommended configuration:

CBS = 200 * CIR

PBS = 2 * CBS


Do not configure PIR, CIR, CBS, PBS only.

The CIR unit is Kbps, CBS, PBS unit Byte.

For example: configure the CIR bandwidth is 2M=2048Kbps, then:

CBS = 200 * CIR = 200 * 2048 = 409600

PBS = 2 * CBS = 2 * 409600 = 819200

Configuration is as follows:

[Quidway-behavior-b1] car CIR 2048 PIR 2048 CBS EFS0 409600 PBS 8192000 green passremark-8021p 5 yellow pass red discard

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