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The apply of the Huawei router AR1200

Where can we use the Huawei AR1200, and why we should use them?


WAN interconnection access

Router AR1200 series of enterprises as the egress router branch users, various supports WANs flexible access, remote network interconnection. A single device can meet the special line, Ethernet, xDSL, 3G, WLAN and other access requirements, deployment and maintenance costs of saving, flexible to provide maximum value for customers. AR1220V,AR1220W and AR1220VW fixed fast Ethernet port supports IEEE 802.3af and 802.3atstandard PoE function, electric equipment to distal hanging over twisted pair (IP Phone)power supply. The output power of 802.3at port in 30W above, can ensure power supplyequipment by the high power.


High quality converged voice service

AR1200 series router as a business enterprise voice gateway can be used IP, PBX and SIPaccess gateway.

Figure 1 IP PBX application scenario

Figure 1 IP PBX application scenario

Figure 1 IP PBX application scenario

AR series of corporate router built-in PBX, provides single query voice communicationbusiness enterprise switchboard, navigation, IVR language, enhance corporate image,improve enterprise internal and external communication efficiency. AR1200 is deployed in theenterprise branch, to support intelligent routing dial-up function, when a fault occurs in wide area network, using PSTN as the call for backup link. When the headquarters of SIP server is not reachable, via the built-in local SIP server, to achieve a normal conversation betweenbranch and branch and PSTN, guarantee the reliability of voice service.


SIP access gateway application scene

AR series enterprise routers will traditional voice, fax and modem IP business integration.When the operator for enterprise deployment of speech, AR1200 as the SIP access gatewayenterprise branch, the common voice signal into VoIP signal call management.Interconnection uplink and IMS/NGN network telephone, mobile phone, voice communications, such as arbitrary PC terminal at any time.


The branch of 3G wireless access

AR1200 series of corporate router integrated 3G access function, support CDMA2000,WCDMA, EV-DO TD-SCDMA 3G standard, satisfy enterprise branches and wireless Internetdemand between the headquarters. Using 3G USB data card access, customers deploy 3G business in AR, business channel does not occupy the equipment, the maximum protection of your investment. At the same time, 3G data link can be used as a backup link cable link,xDSL, FE/GE, ISDN link to the AR uplink link protection, effectively improve the stability of the network, reduce the cost of network construction. NQA technology can be real-time quality control of 3G link, effectively guarantee the user's SLA.


The enterprise branch of VPN network

Buy Huawei router AR1200 series of corporate router provides various security access function, satisfies theenterprise branch between branches and headquarters, enterprises, as well as betweenpartners access to internal information needs. The headquarters and the branch tunnel is established, including GRE VPN, IPSEC VPN security tunnel, secure access and transmit data, rapid deployment and authentication function branch side tunnel support. Through the remote tunnel access mode, partners can flexibly access internal resources, achieve enterprise resource security and sharing.

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