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The FAQ of Huawei S1700 Series Switches

The following table lists the optical modules supported by the Huawei S1700 switches.

ESFP-GE-multimode module (850 nm,
0.5 km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1550 nm, 40
km, LC)
SFP-GE-single-mode module (1310 nm,
10 km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1550 nm, 80
km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1310 nm,
40 km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1550 nm,
100 km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1550 nm,
100 km, LC)
ESFP-GE-single-mode module (1550 nm, 40
km, LC)
SFP-GE-BIDI single-mode module
(TX1490/ RX1310, 10 km, LC)
SFP-GE-BIDI single-mode module
(TX1310/RX1490, 10 km, LC)
The comment question about the huawei S1700 series, maybe you want to know, plesae read as below:
Q1: Can S1700 be managed by U2000 or eSight?
A1: The S1700 series switches cannot be managed by U2000 or eSight.
Q2: What is the operating temperature range of S1700 switches?
A2: The operating temperature range of S1700 switches is 0°C to 45°C.
Q3: Why does the diskless workstation fail to start after STP is enabled on an S1700 web-managed switch?
A3: To solve this problem, configure the service port of the switch connected to the diskless workstation as an edge port. For details, see the user guide of the web network management system.
Q4: How many types do S1700 switches have? How can these types be differentiated? How Can I log in to these switches?
A4: The S1700 switches are classified into NMS-free, web-managed, and web/SNMP-managed switches, as listed in the following table. Use the IP addresses, user names, and passwords provided in the table to log in to the switches.
Type Model Default IP
NMS-free switch S1700-8-AC, S1700-24-AC,
S1724G, S1700-52R-2T2P-AC,
Web-managed switch S1728GWR-4P admin/admin

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