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Restoring the Default Settings Using the Configuration File

Restoring the Default Settings Using the Configuration File on Huawei Switch:
A device has some settings after initialization is triggered by an operation, such as power-on or software loading. These settings are default settings of the device. After you save the settings using the save command, the default configuration file is generated. Back up this file. If the device fails, the default configuration file can be loaded to the device. The device then can restore the default settings after a restart.
The default configuration file contains no service configuration. All the original settings on the device are deleted once the default settings are restored. Do not restore the default settings unless critical faults occur on the device or the scenario changes.
Perform the following steps to load and restore the default settings:
1. Use FTP/TFTP to upload the default configuration file.
For details, see Using FTP/TFTP to Transferring Files.
2. Run the startup saved-configuration command to configure the default configuration file
uploaded as the next startup configuration file for the device.
startup saved-configuration
3. Restart the device to restore the default configuration.
reboot fast

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