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Principle and configuration method of Huawei router port mapping

NAT address translation of a huawei Metro card port mapping the fact that we often say, its function is put in thepublic network address conversion into private address, the ADSL broadband router routeswith a dynamic or fixed public IP, ADSL directly connected to the HUB or switch, all thecomputer Internet sharing. When only one external address of ADSL, such as internal IP is private address, for example, ADSL is set to, the computer isarranged for to

How to realize the function of NAT in broadband router? General router can use virtual server settings and open host (DMZ Host). Different port virtual server can be provided by the users themselves on demand service definition, and open the host is the IP address, cancel thefirewall function, the single IP address mapped directly to an external IP on LAN, without what is the tube port, which supports only one internal computer.

Port mapping is the most commonly used in the network server is using a private IP address, but many netizens hope to the server IP address by using a port mapping to see the server in the public network, here, we need to make clear the port number, services such as HTTP service, 80, FTP the service is the 20 and the 21 and two ports.

Here we take the 80 port is the most commonly used as an example, set up a virtual HTTP server, assuming the internal HTTP server IP address is

The first step, losing [url][/url] in the browser, enter the other configuration page,modify the HASB-100 HTTP service port, not recommended to close, because usually use WEB to set the HASB-100, the HTTP server port to 81. Submit and restart.

The second step, open the HASB-100 control page [url][/url] into a virtualserver page, fill in the order of public port number 80, private port 80, port type is TCP, IP address of host After clicking "add the setting", and then save it and restart HASB-100, setup is complete. Outside this time by entering the HASB-100 IP address in the IE canaccess to the internal, of course to open HTTP service.

Once again the virtual server FTP, note that FTP is the two port, 20 and 21, two are to bemapped, method is same as above. First of all, closed in the other configuration page,HASB-100 FTP service. Submit and save. Then add two virtual server page can, like the HTTP, there is not much to say.

In other settings, there is a DMZ set, is off by default, must be open to open the LAN virtualserver functions.

Into the router, click "setting" - > "NAT" > "add".

"REDIRECT selection rule type".

Select the "TCP agreement".

The local address input your computer address, such as "".

The starting and destination port to select "HTTP80", if the mapping other port, please select"any other port", and enter the port number on the right.

Terminate the destination port, destination port and start the same. If you want to map arange of ports, such as "60000-60020", the initial destination port is set to 60000, the termination of the destination port is set to 60020.

Finally, click on the submit. In the main menu midpoint advanced, one forwarding the next menu, to set up webserver in the internal EFS4 pc192.168.1.2 as an example:



Then click on the "apply" on it.

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