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Park core switch PK: HP, Cisco and juniper switches

High speed switching and routing functions buy JD318B Park core Ethernet switch is very important for the network engineer. Enterprises within 25 years will only for thepark core switches updated several times, therefore, all network architects will tell you, you must choose the most suitable for their own products.

We interviewed three leading core Ethernet switches (Catalyst HP, Cisco 6500series A10500 and juniper EX8200) suppliers, let them explain the productsout of the ordinary. Through interviews, we found that different attributedthese products the biggest cost, lifetime, size and operation.

Park core switches and rival your products what is the difference?

Cisco: "customers want 'longevity' platform, can let them use 10 to 20 years ofplatform," Cisco Park exchange and unified access marketing director PankajGupta said, "our platform life and maturity is the key to our customers to choose two factors of purchasing. If you install Catalyst 6500 for the next 10 or 15 years, when new technology appears, you have the protection of investment on the platform, and can continue to upgrade to the new technology, new functions and management program."

Catalyst 6500 is a park core platform market most old Cisco, but still continue to invest in the platform, launched last year, Cisco management program module - New has 500 new features of Supervisor 2T, the properties of Catalyst 6500 to three times.

"Catalyst 6500 is suitable for now, is also suitable for the next ten years,"Gupta said, "although our competitors launch new platform every two to three years, but our platform is very mature, and the reliability is guaranteed, are widely deployed around the world. The richness of our platform function is the best on the market, competitors took many years to reach this level. And, we also continue to absorb the views of customers, their needs into our platform."

HP: HP Networking product marketing and technical marketing senior director of Engineering Kash Shaikh said: "the park core switches HP providesstreamlined network architecture, expansibility and reliability."

"We simplified the park core switch management for our customers in real sense," Shaikh says, "HP 10500 by intelligent management center to provide you with a unified framework for a cross data center, park and branches."

This is in stark contrast to Cisco, Cisco Nexus and Catalyst switch withindependent management system. Shaikh said: "and, 10500 series of delayedthan its competitors as low as 75% HP."

Juniper Networks: juniper product marketing senior director DhritimanDasgupta said, juniper EX8200 become the park core switches popular is theoperation advantage of virtual chassis technology of it.

"Customers to see the design flexibility of our virtual machine, multiple switchescan be used as a switchboard to manage and run," he said, "for example, for the network administrator, at a distance of 40 kilometers inside the buildings of the four switches as a switchboard."

To be able to support 96 10 Gigabit Ethernet in an enclosure (10GbE) coreswitch ports, enterprises need to pay much money?

Cisco: in the United States market for about $240000. This includes a 6509-Eswitch chassis, Sup2T 9 slot bags ($38000), 6 6816 card ($32000) and double power ($5000). (editor's note: the expected lifetime of the product is 10 to 15 years).

HP: in the United States market is about $146994. Including a HP 10504 switch chassis ($6000), four HP 10504 960Gbps type D architecture module ($8999),HP 100500 main processing unit ($9000), 10500 HP 2500AC dual power supply ($2000), two HP 1050048 port 10GbE SFP+ SF module ($45999).

Juniper Networks: in the United States market for about $145000. Including the EX8216 redundant chassis with 96 line speed 10GbE port. As a 5:1 excessordered 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, the average price of about $75000.

The total bandwidth management module you can support?

CISCO 2Tbps.

HP: 10500 the architecture of distributed Clos. 10512 can balance the fourelastic module architecture of traffic, in the exchange capacity can providespeeds of up to 13.32Tbps.

Juniper Networks: 5.1Tbps.

Your switches support which network and routing protocol?

Cisco: most of the existing routing and switching protocol.

HP: our switches support almost all standard protocols, including RIP, OSPFand BGP.

Juniper Networks: juniper supports all the standard 2 layer network protocols,including the spanning tree and its variants, such as RSTP, MSTP, VSTP; and the 3 layer network protocols, such as OSPF, IS-IS and BGP of IPv4 and IPv6.

The biggest port density you switch cabinet is provided? It can process many 10GbE port? The 40GbE and 100GbE ports?

Cisco: Catalyst 65130-E can support 180 GbE 10 ports and 44 40GbE ports.

HP: 10500 can support up to 576 line speed 10GbE or 1GbE ports, 96 40GbE ports. The 100GbE module is not currently supported, but for now thearchitecture module, each slot can support up to 1.1Tbps capacity.

Juniper Networks: according to 5:1 oversubscribed, EX8200 provides 640 10GbE ports, and 128 lines of the EX8200 platform on the speed 10GbE.Juniper Networks has not announced in the platform supports 40GbE and 100GbE plan.

You switch to support SDN OpenFlow?

Cisco: Catalyst 6500 deployment of OpenFlow clients to support the protocolin hardware. Cisco is currently working on customer specific conceptual validation.

HP: 10500 this year will support OpenFlow 1.3 HP, but will be in more than a dozen switch models in support of OpenFlow. HP SDN virtual application network framework provides intelligent management center as a single pane of the whole network solution.

Juniper Networks: Although the EX8200 has not officially support OpenFlow,Junos based switches (such as EX4200) feasible demo version buy JD319B has been provided. Juniper Networks of EX8200 are ready for SDN, support SDN all the required software.

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