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Huawei router: the use of the tunnel and virtual-template interface

1 The use of the tunnel interface


The use of the tunnel interface is MA5633 relatively simple, this type of interface is actually a specialinterface of GRE protocol. GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) is a kind of layer three tunneling protocol, the most commonly used methods for the use of IP message and GRE message, GRE message is still loading the IP message.


Interface Tunnel0 / * * / create a tunnel interface


IP address / * * / tunnel port address


Tunnel source / * * / establishment of the tunnel, the source address to sendpackets actually used


Tunnel destination / * set up the tunnel after sending a message, the actual use of the destination address.


For tunnel source, tunnel destination two address, loopback interfaces are often still use theend of the loopback interface and the end of the address (reason 2.1).


2 The use of the virtual-template interface


The tunnel interface is very similar, the virtual-template interface is dedicated to the MP protocol, MP protocol is a physical interface using the PPP protocol together, foreign to an interface appearance, to increase the bandwidth and save the IP address of the destination.


User HH service-type PPP password 0 HH / PAP configuration verification username and password.


Multilink-user HH bind Virtual-Template3 / Virtual-Template interface binding name specified.


Two / the following interface together.


Interface Serial5/1/4:0


Encapsulation PPP


PPP authentication Pap


PPP multilink


PPP Pap sent-username HH password 0 HH / MP, user name is hh*/




Interface Serial5/1/5:0


Encapsulation PPP


PPP authentication Pap


PPP multilink


PPP Pap sent-username HH password 0 HH / MP, user name is hh*/


Interface Virtual-Template3 / * * / create a Virtual-Template interface


IP address MA5669 /*IP address in the Virtual-Template interfacecoordination.


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