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Huawei ping command

Huawei ping command is divided into: SL4D VRP platform based on the ping command and the ping command based on Windows platform
A, VRP platform based on ping command
This section describes several VRP platform used in the ping commandparameters.
Ping [-a source-ip-address -c count -s packetsize | | | -t timeout] * host
L -a source-ip-address: the source IP address is set to send ICMP EchoRequest message.
L -c count: ICMP Echo Request sets the number of times to send packet, the default value is 5.
L -s packetsize: ICMP Echo Request is set to send the packet length (not including IP and ICMP headers), in bytes, the default value is 56.
L -t timeout: set Ping message timeout, the default value is 2000ms.
VRP to achieve a variety of applications of ping function, for example, to the private network packet Ping, on the VRRP virtual router Ping on LSP, Ping,IPv6 Ping etc..
For example, a ping message 2 8100 byte to host
 Ping -c 2 -s 8100
PING 8100 data bytes, press CTRL_C to break
Reply from bytes=8100 Sequence=0 ttl=123 time = 538 MS
Reply from bytes=8100 Sequence=1 ttl=123 time = 730 MS
- Ping Statistics -
2 packets transmitted
2 packets received
0% packet loss
Round-trip min/avg/max = 538/634/730 MS
B, Based on the platform of Windows ping command
This section describes several Windows platform used in the ping commandparameters.
Ping [-n number -t -l number | |] * host
L -n number: ICMP Echo Request sets the number of times to send packet, the default value is 5.
L -t Ping: continuously, until it is stopped,  may suspend the Ping commands and view the results of current, and  can interrupt the execution of commands.
L -l: data set the Ping message carried by the number of bytes.
For example, a ping message 2 data portion size is 3000 bytes to host
C:\> Ping -l 3000 -n 2
Pinging with 3000 bytes of data
Reply from bytes=3000 time=321ms TTL=123
Reply from bytes=3000 time=297ms TTL=123
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 2, Received = 2, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 297ms, Maximum = 321ms, Average = 309ms
Three, use the ping command to fault handling
Case 1: data packet loss
Connectivity problems or performance issues: sometimes able to Pingsometimes Ping barrier, leading to a loss of data.
Method: to change the ICMP message timeout, the default is 2000ms
Case two: fault processing using package Ping to end the MTU inconsistent
Try to use the package to the Ping test, sometimes because the two sides of the MTU is not the same as in a long time because of the network SL1Q equipmentoperation and cause network outages.
 More information about switch and router, please view :

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Anna   | February 26th 2018 at 1519652014

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