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Huawei SDN five cases: video to service allocation

The existence of SDN has two standards, huawei EGS4 one is the OpenFlow protocol,standard work is maintained and developed by ONF organization, many manufacturers have introduced switch and Controller support OpenFlow,many large enterprises have begun to try to use the user. The other is the I2RS (Interface to the Routing System) protocol, the standards set by the IETF control layer, communication with the external in the traditional networkrouting equipment and forwarding system based on open new interface toexternal control layer, through feedback events, topology, traffic statisticsand other information to the underground route state wait until all devices,strategy.

Software defined network (SDN) theory has been the focus topic in Internetindustry attention, gradually some SDN case now, show the technique to improve the cost efficiency and flexibility in the enterprise network andservice provider environments. The following share five SDN cases with everyone, ranging from video and collaboration tools to the mobile networkdistribution.


1 video and collaborative applications: session border controller and unified communications provider Sonus Networks announced the new cases ofSDN in the video and collaborative applications. The company combinesnetwork virtualization platform the session border controller and JuniperNetworks, this can let suppliers according to the need for certaincommunication session to create capacity. They can also set the policyadjustment, the level of service quality of each session. According tocorporate strategy and business development senior director of AashuVirmani, which will allow enterprises to better control network and newservice need dynamic service level protocol. The supplier can better controlthe quality of service, without the need for capacity expansion, because theywill be able to completely based on the need to configure and removenetwork space.

2 fusion: data storage service provider Edgenet is to create a cross data center and storage technology of programmable architectures using SDN.The company chose the purpose of SDN is to hope the virtual network,make the network is flexible enough to "catch up" server and storage virtualization. Through the combination of technology, Edgenet providessoftware as a service and data service. The company deployed ProgrammableFlow SDN ecosystem NEC Usa Inc, which includes a OpenFlow controller, as well as high-speed physical exchange and virtualexchange, to support the Hyper-V environment, and can realize the virtual network configuration. Another reason the company deployed SDN architecture is, the company is able to establish multiple paths, East - westarchitecture, which will eventually allow them to deploy a fully integratedstorage and data center network.

3 network exchange. An organization based in Atlanta, the establishment of a network of SDN exchange based on, this allows suppliers, research institutes and enterprises through the SDN to interconnect the physical network. Members can also span multiple physical domains extend virtualnetwork segment or tenants, while maintaining the consistency of policy,which basically allows them to use 2 layers network interconnection to form a private network. The aim of the project is to allow large institutions and enterprises to avoid the use of the public Internet, but to create a private network to keep the sensitive data and multimedia applications. The head of the stock exchange and did not disclose the hardware and software, all of them are used but, they have confirmed Brocade in providing cross connect architectures to them. The organization is using the OpenFlow controller and the switch, but this is the only SDN direction is not the organizationexploration. The exchange plans to Cisco OnePK and other methods. In addition, the transaction is still in the development of test "inter controllerprotocol".

4 The mobile Web Services Choreography: Recently, SDN and networkvirtual function (NVF) center stage to enter the mobile operators and otherservice provider network. The two technologies to services and resourcesallocation is realized by dynamic configuration, need only a few minutes,rather than a few months. Specifically, the control plane functions (such as user data repository UDR), SDN and NVF can improve the configurationtime of delivery. In addition, SDN and NVF can solve other problems,including the separation of application logic and execution of user data fromthe corresponding. This technique is mainly to solve the problem throughtwo ways: through dynamic resource scheduling and intelligent service allocation. Dynamic resource scheduling (NVF) needs a unified cross application virtualization stack, it is often used for operators of private cloud.Distributed intelligence services are usually relates to the principle of SDN,including the application of switches, routers and is located in the 7 layer network (programmed from a central controller). Allegedly, combining these two methods can significantly reduce the need for the existing applicationplan and configure the additional resources delivery time.

5 data center network. In the United States at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign OCEAN lab, SDN switches are used to test the newdata center network architecture. This new architecture allows engineersgradually extended server bandwidth, without the need to spend a lot of money on hardware. The company has installed 13 Pica8 switch, with a total of 670 port. The school of computing assistant professor BrightenGodfrey said the science, the switch will be "cut", so that they can be assembled some of the smaller switches, which will allow them to serve as a large data center network, thus forming a test bed for SDN applications. At the same time, engineers will deploy a new data center architecture in thetest bed, which is different from the typical fat tree topology, allowing them toadd with different port number of switches, which can increase the bandwidth huawei EMS4 between the server. In this complex environment, the SDN controller provides visibility and routing function.

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