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Huawei Router: Setting STP Parameters That Affect STP Convergence

STP cannot implement rapid convergence. However, you can set STP parameters including the network diameter, timeout interval, Hello timer value, Max Age timer value, and Forward Delay timer value, especially for the Huawei 3G router.
1 Setting the STP Network Diameter
On a switched network, any two terminals on the switching network are connected through a specific path along which multiple devices reside. The network diameter is the maximum number of devices between any two terminals. A larger network diameter indicates a larger network scale.
An improper network diameter may cause slow network convergence and affects
communication. Run the stp bridge-diameter command to set a network diameter based on the network scale, which helps speed up convergence.
It is recommended that all devices use the same network diameter.
Procedure, use the router AR207g-hspa+7 for the example.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
stp bridge-diameter diameter
The network diameter is configured.
By default, the network diameter is 7.
l RSTP uses a single spanning tree instance on the entire network. As a result, performance deterioration cannot be prevented when the network scale grows. Therefore, the network diameter cannot be larger than 7.
l It is recommended that you run the stp bridge-diameter diameter command to set the network diameter. Then, the switching device calculates the optimal Forward Delay period, Hello timer value, and Max Age timer value based on the set network diameter.
2 Setting the Maximum Number of Connections That Affect Spanning Tree Calculation
The interface path cost affects spanning tree calculation. When the path cost changes, the system performs spanning tree recalculation. The interface path cost is affected by the bandwidth, so you can change the interface bandwidth to affect spanning tree calculation.
As shown in Figure 1, deviceAand deviceB are connected through two Eth-Trunks. Eth-Trunk1 has three member interfaces in Up state and Eth-Trunk 2 has two member interfaces in Up state. If each member link has the same bandwidth, deviceA is selected as the root bridge.
l Eth-Trunk 1 has larger bandwidth than Eth-Trunk 2. After STP calculation, Eth-Trunk 1
on deviceB is selected as the root port and Eth-Trunk 2 is selected as the alternate port.
l If the maximum number of connections is 1 in Eth-Trunk 1, the path cost of Eth-Trunk 1
is larger than the path cost of Eth-Trunk 2. The system performs spanning tree recalculation.
Then Eth-Trunk 1 on deviceB becomes the alternate port and Eth-Trunk 2 becomes the
root port.

The maximum number of connections affects only the link cost of an interface where spanning tree calculation is performed, but does not affect the actual link bandwidth. The actual bandwidth for an Eth-Trunk to forward traffic depends on the number of active interfaces.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
interface eth-trunk trunk-id
The Eth-Trunk interface view is displayed.
Step 3 Run:
max bandwidth-affected-linknumber link-number
The maximum number of connections is set.
By default, the upper threshold for the number of interfaces that determine the bandwidth of an Eth-Trunk is 8.
Checking the Configuration
Run the display stp [ interface interface-type interface-number ] [ brief ] command to
view the spanning-tree status and statistics.

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