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Huawei Router Protocol: RIP and OSP

Before Huawei router configuration, we must first understand its routing protocol. Let’s learn some about the protocol: RIP and OSP.


1, RIPT routing protocol


The RIP protocol was originally designed for the Xerox protocols of Parc Xerox network system,is commonly used routing protocol in Internet.


(1) RIP using the distance vector algorithm, namely the router routing according to the distance,so it is also called the distance vector protocol.


The router to collect all the destination of the different paths, and keep the relevant to each destination station at least point path information, in addition to the best path to the destination,and any other information shall be discarded. At the same time, the router also put the collected routing information with other routers inform the adjacent RIP protocol. In this way, the correct routing information gradually spread to the whole network.


(2) RIP is widely used, it is simple, reliable, easy to the router settings, but the RIP is only applicable to homogeneous networks of small, because the maximum number of sites it allowed is 15, any more than 15 sites of the destination are marked as unreachable. But RIP every 30s arouting information broadcasting is one of the important reasons of network broadcasting windstorm.


2, The OSPF routing protocol


80 time metaphase, RIP has not been able to meet the large-scale heterogeneous networkinterconnection, resulting in 0SPF, it is Internet Engineering Task Organization(1ETF) is a routing protocol working group interior gateway protocol developed for IP network.


(1) 0SPF is a link state routing protocol based on the needs of each router, to the same management domain for all other routers send link state broadcast information.


(2) includes all the interface information, all the measurements and some other variables in thelink state broadcast in OSPF. Using the 0SPF router must first collect link state information,according to certain algorithm to calculate the shortest path to each node. And the routing protocols based on distance vector only to its neighbor routers send relevant routing updates.


(3) and RIP, OSPF will be an autonomous domain is divided into zones, corresponding to thatthere are two types of routing mode: when the source and destination in the same area, therouting zone; when the source and destination in the different area, the interval routing.


This greatly reduces the network overhead, and increase the stability of the network, when a region of the router fault, does not affect the normal work of other area router autonomous domain, this also convenience to the maintenance of the network management.
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