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Huawei Router: Configuring Basic STP/RSTP Functions

The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) trims a ring network into a loop-free tree network. It prevents replication and circular propagation of packets. The Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) was developed based on STP to implement faster convergence. RSTP defines edge ports and provides protection functions. Huawei NE20 and Huawei NE40-X3 works well for this configuration, too.
Configuring basic STP/RSTP functions, you can follow the steps as below:
1 Configuring the STP/RSTP Mode
The device supports three working modes: STP, RSTP, and MSTP. A switching device can
select only the STP mode on a ring network running only STP, and can select only the RSTP mode on a ring network running only RSTP. In other scenarios, the MSTP mode is used by default.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
stp mode { stp | rstp }
The working mode of the switching device is set to STP or RSTP.
By default, the working mode of a switching device is MSTP. MSTP is compatible with STP and RSTP.
2 Configuring Port Priorities
In spanning tree calculation, the priority of the switching device port affects designated port election. To block one switching device port, set the port priority to be higher than the default value.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
interface interface-type interface-number
The view of the interface participating in STP calculation is displayed.
Step 3 Run:
stp port priority priority
The port priority is configured.
The default priority value of a port on a switching device is 128.
3  Enabling STP/RSTP
After STP/RSTP is enabled on a ring network, STP/RSTP immediately calculates spanning trees on the network. Configurations on the switching device, such as the switching device priority and port priority, will affect spanning tree calculation. Any change to the configurations may cause network flapping. Therefore, to ensure rapid and stable spanning tree calculation, perform basic configurations on the switching device and its ports, and enable STP/RSTP.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
stp enable
STP/RSTP is enabled on the switching device.
By default, STP/RSTP is enabled on a router.
Follow-up Procedure
When the topology of a spanning tree changes, the forwarding paths to associated VLANs are changed. The ARP entries corresponding to those VLANs on the switching device need to be updated. STP/RSTP processes ARP entries in either fast or normal mode.
l In fast mode, ARP entries to be updated are directly deleted.
l In normal mode, ARP entries to be updated are rapidly aged.
The remaining lifetime of ARP entries to be updated is set to 0. The switching device rapidly processes these aged entries. If the number of ARP aging probe attempts is not set to 0, ARP implements aging probe for these ARP entries.
You can run the stp converge { fast | normal } command in the system view to configure the STP/RSTP convergence mode.
By default, the normal STP/RSTP convergence mode is used.
The normal mode is recommended. If the fast mode is adopted, ARP entries will be frequently deleted, causing the CPU usage on the device to reach 100%. As a result, network flapping will frequently occur.
4 Checking the Configuration
Run the display stp [ interface interface-type interface-number ] [ brief ] command to
view the spanning-tree status and statistics.

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