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Huawei Optical Transmission SDH from Blueprint to Application

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Overview

As IP networks are maintained and operated in a different way from Huawei SDH/MSTP networks.Carrier-class O&M requires visibility into the mysterious “cloud”, just like they do with traditional SDH/MSTP networks. This represents a big step forward in the shift from passive to proactive O&M.
In traditional SDH/MSTP-based bearer, factors affecting the QoS were relatively simple, and focus of operators was on network elements (NEs) and wireless coverage.
OTN introduction into an SDH network presents huge O&M challenges; the O&M workload increases significantly.
First, OTN devices themselves are more complicated. A piece of SDH equipment is basically a box of optical-fiber connections, making its O&M more easy.
OTN architecture also has multiple service layers, which complicates parameter configuration. Compared to the one-layer service model for SDH, which basically performs add/drop multiplexing of data frames, the OTN service model has six layers, which is why it takes at least ten times as long to configure a service for OTN.
OTN capability, SDH simplicity
To address the aforementioned challenges, Huawei has announced a solution that simplifies the O&M process for OTN by making it more like the SDH process; this is accomplished through a network management system (NMS).
Huawei helps Indonesia power to create SDH and PCM integrated transmission network. Huawei will provide SDH, PCM integration solution to PLN. SDH, PCM integration scheme for PLN provided by Huawei, completely solve the interworking between SDH 
Users need only create Och and Client paths manually to complete OTN service provisioning. As for SDH, O&M personnel need only click the source and sink nodes on the NMS graphic interface, for which the routes between and parameters for are calculated automatically. This enables end-to-end O&M on par with what had been previously possible for SDH.
Huawei NMS makes OTN O&M as simple & efficient as that for SDH, while leveling the learning curve for O&M personnel, which ensures a smooth transition now and into the future.

SDH Application in Advanced Mobile Transport Networks

many operators have been leasing SDH capacity for backhaul, which proves unsustainable when they move to mobile broadband. In Indonesia, for instance, operators need to pay USD100,000 rental per year for one site if they continue to lease SDH. Mobistar is replacing its legacy infrastructure (which is mostly SDH) with a new convergent network, while still using legacy mechanisms for synchronization as they need to ensure that equipment from different vendors can support the protocol, no easy task.
The SDH network comprises thousands of devices and services, leading to frequent base station activation and adjustment (over 100 instances per day). However, O&M can still be conducted easily through visualized configuration of the NMS.
IP RAN to be very similar to traditional SDH networking in terms of maintenance. It is almost unfeasible to maintain massive amounts of IP equipment by using the command line interface.
The operator presents physical and clock links through a topology that enables a clear view of network status. Like the E1 circuit and VC4 path for the SDH network.

Huawei Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Application

The Huawei Opical transmission SDH intelligent optical transmission system (hereinafter referred to as the Huawei OSN 2500) developed by Huawei is the next-generation intelligent optical transmission equipment
The OptiX OSN 2500 integrates the following technologies to transmit voice and data services on the same platform with high efficiency:

·                              Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)
·                              Plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH)
·                              Ethernet
·                              RPR(Resilient Packet Ring)
·                              Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
·                              Storage area network (SAN)
·                              Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)
·                              Digital data network (DDN)
·                              Automatically switched optical network (ASON)
·                              Microwave Technology

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Huawei helps Indonesia power to create SDH and PCM integrated transmission network


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