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Huawei Android Intelligent Router: Memo

Recently, Huawei exhibited its first intelligent router in the CES 2014 exhibition, the router is named Memo, also the industry's first use of Android system of intelligent router. In addition we known the news yesterday, according to Sohu Digital experience at the scene, the router is the "router, TV box, Android system” of packing together.


In addition to act as the role of traditional routing, Memo routing can be used as Huawei home storage center, let mobile phone, Pad photos, video directly to the router on the hard disk, the router will also data backup to the cloud storage. In addition, the route also provides a functionalkey, the user after inserting the SD card, U disk, mobile hard disk and other external storage devices, as long as you press the key, can in the device automatically copy data to the routerbuilt-in hard disk.


And it can also be used as a TV box, HDMI interface through the fuselage provides connected TV play video content download directly.

According to the previous message, Huawei Memo will be officially listed in the second quarter of this year, the price has not been determined.
Customers interested in purchasing Huaei router or the price, please refer to below links: AR1200AR1220

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Stephenmerchant   | October 10th 2017 at 1507632575

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thomasbuckley | October 16th 2017 at 1508222799

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Jennifer Judy   | February 13th 2018 at 1518588330

The industry's first use of Android device of smart router. In addition we acknowledged the information the day prior to this, according to Sohu Digital enjoy at the scene, the router is the "router, TV container, Android device” of packing collectively. Assignment Help UK
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