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Huawei AR Series Routers Product Voice Features - SIP AG

In addition to broadband services, such as video on demand (VOD) and live data and video, the AR provides high-quality voice service for terminal users.

Access gateway (AG) devices provide various access modes and convert various services into a uniform format that can be transmitted. The AG communicates with the soft switch by using the SIP protocol. SIP-based AGs are called SIP AGs.
When an AR functions as the SIP AG, the upper-layer devices such as soft switch control and manage calls. The Huawei AR Series Routers supports the following services.
Service Type Introduction Configured on the SIP AG or Not
Basic voice service The basic voice service is the basic call connection function, including intra-office calls, local calls, national toll calls, international toll calls, and transit calls. Yes
Three-party service The third-party service allows a calling party or called party in a conversation to call a third party without ending the current conversation. Then the calling party or original called party can implement a three-party conversation or talk to the other two parties. Yes
Call waiting service When UserA is talking with UserB over the phone and at this moment UserC is calling UserA, UserA hears a call waiting tone, indicating that there is a call waiting for UserA. Yes
MWI service The message waiting indicator (MWI) service allows a user to read unread messages or leave messages. When the called user is busy, the MWI is on, indicating that there are leave messages. Yes
Malicious call identification (MCID) service The user that registers the MCID service with the carrier can query the phone number of the attacker that initiates malicious calls after performing relevant operations. Yes
Call transfer service The call transfer service allows the called party to transfer an incoming call to a third party by pressing the hookflash so that the calling party establishes a connection with a new called party. Yes
Call conference service The call conference service allows more than three parties to communicate together. Yes
Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) service The CLIP service displays the calling number in onhook state or offhook state (for call waiting). The displayed information includes the phone number, name, date, and time. No
Calling line identification restriction (CLIR) service The CLIR service displays the phone number of a calling party on the terminal of a called party. No
Distinctive ringing service The distinctive ringing service plays different ring tones for incoming calls. No
Differentiated ringback tone service The differentiated ringback tone service enables the SIP AG to play different ring tones for ringback tones. No
Advice of charge (AoC) service The AoC service enables the SIP AG to display the charge rate, fee notification during a call, and the total fee of the call. No
Urgent call process If the SIP AG finds an urgent call, the SIP AG inserts the urgent call flag into the SIP message. No
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) service When the called number is busy, the CCBS service enables the SIP AG to monitor the called party status. When the called party is idle, the SIP AG notifies the calling party and determines whether to make a call according to the status of the calling and called parties. No
Multiple MSN numbers on a POTS interface Multiple MSN numbers can be configured on a POTS interface. No
Hotline service ·         Instant hotline service: After a user picks up a phone, the SIP AG dials the hotline number for the user.
·         No dialing within a long time after picking up the phone: If a user does not dial any number within the specified period of time after picking up the phone, the SIP AG dials the hotline number for the user.
Anonymous call service The anonymous call service enables the called party not to view information about incoming calls. No
Among the AR150 series routers, only the AR157VWs and AR158EVWs support the voice features. Among the AR200 series routers, only the AR201VW-Ps, AR207Vs, AR207VWs and AR207V-Ps support the voice features. Among the AR1200 series routers, only the AR1220Vs and AR1220VWs support the voice features. Among the AR2200 series routers, only the AR2204s, AR2220s, AR2240s support the voice features. To use the voice feature on the AR2200 and AR3200 series routers, you are advised to install the DSP module.
To provide voice services for POTS users on AR1200, AR2200 ,and AR3200 series routers, 4FXS1FXO, 16FXS or 32FXS board is required. Thereinto, the AR1200 series routers does not support 32FXS board.
To provide voice services for ISDN users on AR1200, AR2200 ,and AR3200 series routers, 2BST board is required.
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