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Huawei 1Tb routing line card: Won industry awards

Huawei 1Tb routing line card: Won industry awards

In 2013 the broadband World Forum held recently (Broadband World Forum), Huawei launched the industry's first 1Tbps routing line card with the characteristics of its leading core technologyand green environmental protection, won the high recognition from global operators and the broadband forum Committee, a lift with known as communication circle of Oscar called "2013the InfoVision awards". In the global information wave of ultra wideband, Huawei lead T bit network technology, assist operators to build a future oriented, large capacity, high reliability,green sustainable internet.

In the early 2013 April, Huawei issued global first section of 1Tbps routing line card, leading the industry to other manufacturers for half a year. The third generation of the Solar core based on the line card, have a higher perfsormance and a wealth of programmable resources, using themost compact design industry, implementation of 1Tbps wire speed forwarding in single boardspace 9U. Huawei core router NE5000E will be the first to support 1Tbps routing line card,enhance the capacity to the industry's largest 32Tbps.
Huawei 1Tbps routing line card and the 100G card has been large-scale application, 400G cardcommon platform, which also makes the NE5000E become the industry's only a core router withsingle slot 100Gbps/400Gbps/1Tbps capability, the future can be smoothly extended to singleslot 2Tbps. With the accumulation and deep understanding of global provider backbonenetwork evolution demands of the years of technology, Huawei T bit technology and NE5000Emulti chassis router architecture combination, greatly enhance the capacity expansion corebackbone network, which can fully satisfy the future operator 10 years business needs.
Global operators have begun to scale deployment of the 400G core router. As the world's onlywith the 400G core router commercial scale capacity of the manufacturers, the 400G core router has in Huawei including three domestic operators, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, MobilyMegaFon Jazztel and Thailand True, DTAC and other 27 operators to achieve the scale ofdeployment, leading the IP backbone network in the age of 400G.
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