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How to select the proper SDN controller platform?

For any new products or technologies, S2700-18TP-EI-AC we will face this problem. Before opening thecontroller platform trip, please make sure you have decided that you want to solve the problem as well as the ultimate goal. Not all of the controller is the same, you should not onlyassess the single controller platform, it is more important to check the end to end solution.

We often can be solved in the data center network and "off the shelf" in the application of SDN controller Monitor see, such as Cisco Manager (monitor manager, the upcoming it to help achieve the SDN in production network) or Big Switch Big Tap application, it can betransformed into a matrix of Ethernet switch off switch (for example Gigamon equipment - Gigamon GigaVUE).

Most enterprises are still in search of the solution, not a single component. This means that,if the enterprise needs around the matrix switch and expand the visibility to the network, you should evaluate each application functionality, performance, availability, route, and determinewhether to support the application controller. The controller will become the deploymentdetails, especially for the complete solution, in these solutions, application and controller from the same supplier. In this case, you can directly learn details of controller, and to understand whether the enterprise is based on functional and practical to use them.

That is to say, in the selection of enterprises to do their own network (as Goldman Sachs and Google it), the controller should choose different suppliers, rather than in the application of the above operation. However, before this, we need the interoperability and standardsbased on the API, of course, the premise is the end user to select their own compilation andapplication of support.

Want to use the general controller technology users, or just want to have a look the industry standards and open source controller platform is what kind of users, the author suggests about the OpenDaylight project (ODP). Many suppliers are to contribute to ODPcode, they contribute to the code are reflected in part the exclusive controller solution, theyhope their code can drive the S2700-52P-EI-AC entire software defined network and control the ecological environment standard.
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