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How to reduce radio interference to Huawei router

1, Detection

(1) the wireless interference detection PDIA we can use to provide access to services of AP to scan, also can through the special equipment is composed of the network, positioning handheld RF equipment, precise positioning network or a small range is generally applicable to small, and large network, the generalneed to deploy special network to monitor.

(2) wireless interference is continually monitor the empty signal,when the empty signal energy exceeds a certain value, then the FFT transform, and further output to the wireless receiver and various recognizer,the former judge whether the wireless signal interference, and further analysis of MAC information, which determine the type of non wireless interference source

2, Cut

The characteristics of wireless interference reduction technique is to further improve the entire network from the 802.11 message transmission or wirelessnetwork integrated coordination and other details, to reduce the mutual interference, also have very good effect on improving the performance of the wireless network.

(1) packet power

Packet power control and RRM dynamic adjustment of AP power's goal, is to reduce the same frequency interference between AP. H3CAP sending eachmessage, will transmit power according to the Client RF state to adjust the current message. The square dance remind packet power control to minimize the effects of signal transmission range, but also ensure the coverage of AP.

(2) message sending

Calculation of each packet sending rate packet sending rate adjustment isdynamic, the rate adjustment algorithm according to the different environment,this is due to the high density environment, message sending failed is generally caused by message conflict, by sending message very low, will only lead to the sending port length becomes longer, the scope of influence larger,resulting in greater conflict possible, by other AP also further reduce thesending rate, which makes the whole network in the low performance.

(3) load balancing

Load balancing technology is different from the load balancing technology issimple, the wireless controller will be judged according to the position of Client, only in the overlap region of two AP Client starts the equilibrium,let the Client access to the light load AP. Intelligent load balancing can reduce the load of single AP, thereby reducing the conflict percentage of every Clientunder the AP.

Detection and localization of wireless interference has been able to centralized monitoring and management, network management personnel in general can easily finish. The future with the development of wireless transmission systemand other hardware technology, wireless interference there will be a way toovercome more, PAIA users will get more perfect wireless experience.
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