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How to do: forget router password and account number?

1 Router port scanning.

Scanning router port to router security, OSN 6800 network management is usually the default port router(80) to change it, so the first step we crack the router password is must find the router wEBport management.

If the router UPnP (universal plug and play, is a general term for a group of protocol) functionis turned on (usually the router by default UPnP is turned on), then the router will open a L900 port.

We use TP Link router as an example, as long as the open router view the is the router wEB login port.

If the UPnP is management closed the case, then we can only scan tool to scan. Open the Xscan, enter the IP address

Select "in the scanning module open service", in the "plugin settings" "port settings" in the range of 1 - 65350 input ports, determined, and then click the scan. The scanning speed of X- Scan soon, soon can scan a router port.

2 Brute force attack on router password.

Crack the router password I introduce a more powerful function of router softwareWebCrack4.0 open WebCrack4.0 interface selection user dictionary file in the "user namefiles" column in the "dictionary, using the user name" tab and select password file, enter thewEB address router management in URL admin, fill in name, is that the user name first from the admin then only by brute force.

Brute force to use tools: 1:WebCrack4 2:superdic. of course to use brute force password dictionary, in fact, you can also go to the other configuration dictionary, may be used to codeall the writing, or using the above tools 2 generates a password dictionary, and then began tobreak the solution.

Router password if can not crack, have to think of other ways. Using UPnP bit elves have a look can be mapped out. Breaking the Internet router password estimation is unlikely. Unless one lazy to even the default router password OSN 8800 management haven't changed. If can enter thenetwork neighborhood, you can connect with VPN.

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BobbyLanders   | June 13th 2017 at 1497353848

It appeared that network OSN 6800 tackled the issue. This port does however it has an influence in the application I was running. Likewise I have discovered that comodo was somewhat to fault after I betrayed to test the association stopped. My following stage will be to permit a few applications through by means of comodo. At last subject tackled, thanks to author of the post who could write my paper today to suggest possible solutions.
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