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How to configure the Tunnel interface on Huawei S5700

How to configure the Tunnel interface on Huawei S5700 S5700-24TP
GRE tunnel is established through the Tunnel interface at both ends of the tunnel, so need to configure the tunnek interface at both ends of the equipment.

For the GRE tunnel interface, need to specify the protocol type, source address for the GRE interface, or source address. If the interface needs to be released through dynamic routing, also need to specify the IP address.


The Tunnel interface is the logic interface, the following situations, the interface state will be changed to Down:

1 Tunnel interface configuration is not reachable or point to theTunnel interface.

2 The source interface state for Tunnel interface configuration is Down.

3 Tunnel interface configuration of the IP address is not valid.

4 Tunnel interface configuration of the Keepalive function, to detect tunnel on end is not reachable.

Steps: configure the Tunnel interface on Huawei S5700 S5700-48TP-SI-AC

Step 1 executes the command System-View, enter the system view. 

Step 2 executes the command interface tunnel interface-number, create a Tunnel interface, andinterface Tunnel.

Step 3 executes the command tunnel-protocol GRE, the Tunnel package for GRE tunnel.

Step 4 executes the command source {interface-type interface-number} source-ip-address |, set the Tunnel interface

Source address or source interface.

Step 5 executes the command destination [vpn-instance vpn-instance-name] dest-ip-address,set the Tunnel interface

Destination address.

If the CE device is connected to the PE through the GRE tunnel, the destination address configuration of Tunnel interface on the PE, need to specify

VPN example, the Tunnel interface into the private network routing table.

Step 6 (optional) execute the command MTU MTU, configuration interface MTU.

By default, the tunnel interface of the MTU value is 1500.

Step 7 (optional) execute the command description text, describe the information configuration interface.

By default, there is no information description for the Tunnel interface configuration.

Step 8 specifies the Tunnel interface IP address, select one of the following methods:

The L command IP address IP-address {mask mask-length} | [sub], the configuration of Tunnelinterface IP


In order to make the tunnel supporting dynamic routing protocol, but also to configure Tunnelinterface IP address, Tunnel interface IP address

To not public address. Suggested two tunnel Tunnel interface IP address using the same network segment. If you use a different network

Time, it needs extra manually configure a static route to the ends of the segment, in order to achieve equipment between routes


L IP address unnumbered interface interface-type command of interface-number, Tunnel configuration

The interface with IP address.

Using the Tunnel interface with IP address configured, enabled on this interface dynamic routing protocol does not take effect, so

You must manually configure a static route to the ends of the segment, to achieve connectivityequipment between routes.



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