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How to choose the Huawei modular access router

The use of modular router, the user can OSN 3500 according to their own business needs, the routerport density, reliability, multi business application and the throughput of the module and other aspects of flexible configuration, personalized to provide different service. The choice ofdifferent modules, to achieve different functions. More importantly, modular router also can according to future business growth and change, by increasing the module to realize smooth network expansion and upgrade, to minimize the network architecture and the existing equipment adjustment, fully protect the original investment.

Huawei AR1200 series, petite size has two slots, the expansion of business areas have a great advantage

what factors should be consider to choose a modular router?

Buy modular router, considering the current business needs at the same time, the future demand, the future capacity expansion, equipment performance, scalability and maintenanceof the type, firm board should be taken into account. After all the network equipment to the enterprise investment of money, but most company daily business operation, therefore need to goods than three, carefully chosen.

Below we will mainly from the hardware, the selection module router that we should consider what.

1 forwarding performance

The forwarding performance, sometimes also called throughput rate, is one of the keytechnical parameters of router. The main function of the router is to do IP packet forwarding,the router uses the CPU software to realize the function, therefore the most low-end routerdoes not have the line speed forwarding capability.

The router layer three forwarding rely mainly on CPU, are integrated in the main control boardrouter. The main control board is the core of system control and management, provides the control plane of the whole system, management level and service switching plane. The main control board, the industry many vendors have a variety of main control board in the high-endrouter selection.

The main control board in different grades, determines the current business, also affect thefuture expansion

Huawei AR G3 series of high-end routers, provides the main control board differentforwarding performance of 2~40Mpps, offers a variety of options

The main control board, the most concern is the packet forwarding performance andinherent WAN export. The forwarding performance is reflected throughout the equipment data packet forwarding capability of inside and outside, the main performance is higher, canbetter adapt to the future development of large bandwidth, meet the needs of the future 3~5year upgrade requirements. In addition to the WAN port, a decision the export bandwidth, itsmain control WAN port number fixed plate, on the other hand, the follow-up can also reduce the investment on WAN single board. At present, Huawei AR G3 router control board can support multiple 2~40Mbps forwarding performance, the return on investment has very highprice.

2 The expansion ability

Extending the number of slots number directly affects the future routers can have expansionability, if taking into account the subsequent business expanded rapidly, choose a high-end,easily extensible router is absolutely a wise choice.

The flagship AR3260 router Huawei launched in 2011 to reach 10 slot, slot

If the slot and focus only on the number of words, that is not enough. Router slot is always limited, limited slots needed to support board business unlimited to! How reasonable,efficient use of the existing slot, to expand the business, the purpose of saving investment,many enterprises is concerned.

Huawei AR G3 router, a standard modular design:

A small groove in the slot in the slot with variable, with large slot, slot can be flexibly combined

At present, the access router card in the slot, it is difficult to do general (such as two smallslots can be combined into large slot, you can plug a kcal), and a part of many routers orspecial card slot for. OSN 6800 Currently on the market completely slot can be combined, the boardonly common Huawei AR G3 series.
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