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How to Recover the BootROM Password

Huawei S7700 & Huawei S9700 & Huawei S12700 Series Switches Troubleshooting – How to Recover the BootRom Password.
The BootROM is the basis for device security and maintenance, which provides the functions such as configuration recovery and system software upgrade. You must keep the BootROM password secure. If the BootROM password is lost, you can run the reset boot password command to restore the default password and reset a password.
V2R5 and later versions: The BootROM menus on the S7700 and S9700 are used as examples. The S12700's uBoot menu is similar to the BootROM menu with slight differences. However, you can also recover the S12700 BootLoad password according to the method described in this section.
To reset the BootROM password through the BootROM menu, you must connect to the console port and log in to the device through the console port.
1. In any view, restore the default BootROM password
reset boot password
The password used to enter the boot menu by clicking Ctrl+B will be restored the default password, continue? [Y/N] y
Info: Succeeded in setting password of boot to "".
The reset boot password command is only supported by versions later than V200ROO1 (including V200ROO1). The default password for versions earlier than V200R001 is huawei 9300.
The default password is not secure and must be changed. Restart the device to enter the
BootROM menu and change the default password.
2. Restart the device.
Warning: The configuration has been modified, and it will be saved to the next
tartup saved-configuration file cfcard:/ Continue? [Y/N]:y
Info: If want to reboot with saving diagnostic information, input 'N' and then
xecute 'reboot save diagnostic-information'.
System will reboot! Continue?[Y/N]:y
3. When the message "Press Ctrl+B to enter Boot Menu..." is displayed, press Ctrl+B and
enter the default password to enter the BootROM main menu.
1. Boot with default mode
2. Boot from Flash
3. Boot from CFCard
4. Enter serial submenu
5. Enter ethernet submenu
6. Modify Flash description area
7. Modify bootrom password
8. Clear password for console user
9. Reboot
Enter your choice(1-9): 7  //Enter 7 to change the BootROM password.Modify Bootrom password
Old password:   //Enter the old BootRom password
New password: //Enter a new BootRom password.
Verify:   //Enter the new BootRom password again.
Save password to Flash...OK!
Save backup password to Flash...OK!

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