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How to Huawei Configure the Device to Send Heartbeat Traps to the NMS on Huawei S5700

When the NMS cannot initiatively obtain the status of the device, enable the device to send heartbeat notifications to the NMS. The device then periodically sends heartbeat trap messages to the NMS to notify the NMS of its status.
How to Configure the Device to Send Heartbeat Traps to the NMS on Quidway S5700, the S5700-52C-EI for an example.
Step 1 Run:system-view: The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:snmp-agent heartbeat enable: The device is enabled to send heartbeat traps to the NMS.
By default, the device does not send heartbeat traps to the NMS.
Step 3 Run:snmp-agent heartbeat interval interval: The interval at which the device sends heartbeat trap messages to the NMS is set.
By default, the device sends heartbeat trap messages to the NMS at an interval of 60 seconds.
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