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Help: Huawei EchoLife HG8245: Port 80 Not Open

Question: So I needed to portforward my router so I could have an Open NAT type on my Xbox 360. Before you continue reading you should know I really am new to this stuff and I don't plan on doing anything about being a noob at this, I'm just trying to get an Open NAT type. Anyway, the website said to open the ports 53, 80, 88, 1863, 3074 on my HG8245 GPON. I followed all of the instructions and then I tested it. ALL of the ports were open except port 80. I tried removing all the virtual servers and adding them again but the same results. 53, 88, 1863 and 3074 work fine and are open, but 80 is still NOT.
I used PT official program or app or whatever with guaranteed results. Like I said, all ports except 80 appear to be open. I also went to a game of COD to check my NAT type and it was Moderate.
Answer: Well there is NO need to go live. this is a simple matter your ISP is Blocking Port 80 for whatever reason and there is probally nothing that can be done besides get a new ISP one that does not block port 80..
You can try giving them a call or check their website and see if the Block port 80 as ALL the other Ports you Forwarded are Open.. I am Highly leaning to your ISP as the culprit..
If you still want to go live you can PM me your Skype info Ill try and be ontonight after 6PM EST Im in the USA..

  1. Well the thing is that after the first attempt, only huawei X2CS 80 was blocked. Now when I redid the process (It finally pinged my router), none of them are open. I checked the website, the only place I even found the word 'port' was on a forum that a guy did when he wanted to port forward Minecraft, but nothing about port 80. Also, port 80 isn't even the big problem anymore, it's ALL the ports.

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