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Hardware Management(3)- Configuring the Fan Speed

Huawei 3G router AR150&200 &AR1200&2200&3200 Series Enterprise Routers Configuration GuideHardware Management - a proper fan speed ensures stable device operation.
The fan speed affects the device temperature. When the device temperature is high, increase the fan speed to lower the device temperature. When the device temperature is low, reduce the fan speed to save energy.
By default, fans run in automatic mode. In this mode, the system adjusts the fan speed when detecting that the board temperature increases or decreases. The automatic mode reduces noises and saves energy without affecting system running. Therefore, exercise caution when setting the fan speed.
The AR151&200 series does not support this function.
Step 1 (Optional) Run:
display temperature { all | slot slot-id }
The board temperature is displayed.
Step 2 (Optional) Run:
display fan
The fan status is displayed.
Step 3 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 4 Run:
set fan-speed fan slot-id percent percent
The fan speed is set.
By default, the system automatically adjusts the fan speed.
If multiple fans are installed on a fan tray, all the fans run at the speed configured by this command.
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