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Features and Applications & Benefits of Huawei Wireless Router AR28 Series

Huawei AR28 Series wireless routers Features:

Network Security

Login user authentication, RADIUS/Tacacs+ authentication/accounting, IPSEC, IKE, hardware encryption card, firewall support for filtering interface/time segment/MAC address, and high-performance NAT.
Network Reliability

Inter-interface/subinterface physical layer backup, inter-virtual link/virtual template/dial-in interface/logical interface link layer backup, network layer backup for dynamic routing, equipment layer backup for VRRP.
Application Layer Protocols and Service Features

Telnet, SSH, Rlogin, dumb terminal, terminal access server with enhanced security features, finance POS access, RTC, LPD, FTP, Ping, NTP application layer protocols or service features.
Network Protocols

DHCP, VLAN, IPX, DLSw, RIP-1/RIP-2, OSPF, BGP, policy routing, multicast, routing load sharing, address unnumbered, TCP packet head compression, and routing policy.
Interconnection Protocols

Ethernet, bridge, frame relay, X.25, HDLC, SDLC, LAPB, SLIP, PPP, PPP head compression, MP, ISDN, PPPoE Client, dial-in on demand, dial-in string cyclic backup, PPP/ISDN callback, layer 2 tunnel based on L2TP, layer 3 tunnel based on GRE, and wideband access.
Voice Characteristics

Mute compression, comfort noise, voice jitter prevention, volume adjustment, PBX switch function simulation, calling number identification, auto busy tone detection, flexible VOIP routing and backup policy, IP fax, voice RADIUS, GK Client, IPHC, and voice QoS.

Quality of Service

Traffic classification and traffic policing (CAR/LR), traffic shaping (GTS), congestion management (PQ/CQ/WFQ/CBQ), and congestion avoidance (WRED).
Configuration Management
Command hierarchical protection, tracert/ping/debugging fault diagnosis function, RMON, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, system log, system upgrade through FTP or TFTP, configuration through Console/AUX/X.25 PAD/Telnet/reverse Telnet. 


Huawei router AR28 Series Applications & Benefits:

Enterprise VPN Application Scenario

AR 28 series routers support IPSec/GRE/L2TP VPN tunnel between headquarter and branches to satisfy enterprise security interworking requirements, realizing access authority control for enterprise customers, mobile users and branches.

Enterprise VoIP Application Scenario

AR28 series routers integrated main voice features and basic PBX service functions, support VoIP service through WAN, and supply high density FXS/FXO/E1VI/E&M voice interface cards to realize the transmission of the voice, data, and fax signals on the data communication network. 

Enterprise Campus Application Scenario

AR28 series routers act as the egress router of campus network, access Internet or carrier network trough Ethernet/E1/xDSL/ISDN interface card. The AR28 can bear data, voice and video services to meet customer requirement of interworking between enterprise headquarter branches.

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