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Example for Prohibiting External Users from Accessing the Web Platform

This example applies to all huawei router of V200R002C01 and later versions.
Networking Requirements
GE1/0/0 of RouterA connects to HostA. The hosts in the network segment need to be allowed to access device of the web platform and the hosts in other network segments need to be prohibited from accessing the devices the web platform.
Figure 1 Networking diagram of accessing the web platform

Configure RouterA.
http acl 2000
http server enable
acl number 2000     //Configure an ACL to permit packets from devices of the web platform.
  rule 1 permit source
  rule 10 deny
 local-user huawei password cipher %@%@Dyb;#tOxsEBO@H@Jy'IX_:HK%@%@  //Create a local user with the user name huawei and cipher text password Huawei@123.
 local-user huawei service-type http  //Configure the HTTP service for the local user.
 local-user huawei privilege level 3  //Set the priority of the local user to 3.
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/0
 ip address  //Configure an IP address for an interface connected to HostA.
Verify the configuration.
HostA can access RouterA of the web platform and the hosts in other network segments cannot access RouterA.

Configuration Notes


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