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Datasheet of the Huawei SL4A optical interface board

Product Detail: 
1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,LC) 03053178, 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,LC) 03053179, 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,LC) 03053180, 1xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(Ve-4.2,LC) 03053181
Huawei SL4A optical interface board, the configuration panel OPTIX OSN 3500 optical transmission equipment, the long and short distance model describe as follows:
The finished plate unit -OptiX OSN 3500-SSN1SL4A20-STM-4 optical interface board (S-4.1, LC)
The finished plate unit -Optix OSN 3500-SSN1SL4A21-STM-4 optical interface board (L-4.1, LC)
The finished plate unit -OptiX OSN 3500-SSN1SL4A22-STM-4 optical interface board (L-4.2, LC)
The finished plate unit -OptiX OSN 3500-SSN1SL4A23-STM-4 optical interface board (Ve-4.2, LC)
Huawei optical interface board, the other plate: STM-1 optical interface board, STM-16 optical interface board, STM-64 optical EMS4 interface board, etc.

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