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Configuring and Activating an MST Region - Basic MSTP Functions

How to configure basic MSTP functions on Huawei router, configuring and activating an MST region, at the network time, I use the router AR3200AR1200 most.
An MST region contains multiple switching devices and network segments. These switching devices are directly connected and have the same region name, same VLAN-to-instance mapping, and the same configuration revision number after MSTP is enabled. One switching network can have multiple MST regions. You can use MSTP commands to group multiple switching devices into one MST region.
Two switching devices belong to the same MST region when they have the same:
l Name of the MST region
l Mapping between VLANs and MSTIs
l Revision level of the MST region
Perform the following steps on a switching device that needs to join an MST region.
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
stp region-configuration
The MST region view is displayed.
Step 3 Run:
region-name name
The name of an MST region is configured.
By default, the MST region name is the MAC address of the management network interface on the MPU of the switching device.
Step 4 Perform either of the following steps to configure VLAN-to-instance mappings.
1 Run the instance instance-id vlan { vlan-id1 [ to vlan-id2 ] }&<1-10> command to configure VLAN-to-instance mappings.
2 Run the vlan-mapping modulo modulo command to enable VLAN-to-instance mapping
assignment based on a default algorithm.
By default, all VLANs in an MST region are mapped to MSTI 0.
1 The VLAN-to-instance mappings generated using the vlan-mapping modulo modulo commands cannot meet network requirements. It is recommended that you run the instance instance-id vlan
{ vlan-id1 [ to vlan-id2 ] }&<1-10> command to configure VLAN-to-instance mappings.
2 The vlan-mapping modulo specifies the formula (VLAN ID-1)%modulo+1. In the formula, (VLAN ID-1)%modulo means the remainder of (VLAN ID-1) divided by the value of modulo. This formula is used to map a VLAN to the corresponding MSTI. The calculation result of the formula is the ID of the mapping MSTI.
Step 5 (Optional) Run:
revision-level level
The MSTP revision number is set.
By default, the MSTP revision number is 0.
If the revision number of the MST region is not 0, this step is necessary.
Changing MST region configurations (especially change of the VLAN mapping table) triggers spanning tree recalculation and causes route flapping. Therefore, after configuring an MST region name, VLAN-to-instance mappings, and an MSTP revision number, run the check region-configuration command in the MST region view to verify the configuration. After confirming the region configurations, run the active region-configuration command to activate MST region configurations.
Step 6 Run:
active region-configuration
MST region configurations are activated so that the configured region name, VLAN-to-instance mappings, and revision number can take effect.
If this step is not done, the preceding configurations cannot take effect.
If you have changed MST region configurations on the switching device after MSTP starts, run the active region-configuration command to activate the MST region so that the changed configurations can take effect.

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