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Configuring Dot1q Tunnel on Huawei Router

How to Configure Dot1q Tunnel on Huawei Router, below is the details:
Dot1q tunnel provides a communication tunnel on the core network, which isolates a carrier network from a user network and allows user packets to be transparently transmitted on a carrier network.
Dot1q tunnel isolates a carrier network from a user network and is widely used when users connect to a carrier network. When private networks connect to a carrier network through Ces and PEs, run the qinq dot1q-tunnel command on CE interfaces connected to PEs so that the CE interfaces add the outer VLAN tag allocated by the carrier to user packets. This implementation saves VLAN IDs and allows user packets to be transparently transmitted on the carrier network.
The steps:
Step 1 Run:
The system view is displayed.
Step 2 Run:
bridge bridge-id
A bridge group is created and the bridge group view is displayed.
Step 3 Run:
Exit from the bridge group view.
Step 4 Run:
interface { ethernet | gigabitethernet }.subinterface-number
The Ethernet sub-interface view is displayed.
Sub-interfaces can only be created on Layer 3 Ethernet interfaces. If an interface works in Layer 2 mode and supports switching between Layer 2 and Layer 3 modes, run the undo portswitch command to switch the interface in Layer 3 mode before creating a sub-interface on the interface.
Step 5 Run:
bridge bridge-id
The Ethernet sub-interface is added to the bridge group.
Step 6 Run:
bridge vlan-transmit enable
The interface is enabled to transparently transmit VLAN IDs.
Step 7 Run:
qinq stacking vid low-ce-vid [ to high-ce-vid ]
The VLAN allowed by the Ethernet sub-interface is configured.
Step 8 Run:
qinq dot1q-tunnel tunnel-vlan-id [ native vid native-vlan-id ]
The dot1q tunnel function is configured on a sub-interface.
The qinq dot1q-tunnel command can be only executed at one time on a sub-interface and the VLAN specified by tunnel-vlan-id must be allowed by the sub-interface.
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