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Class-Based QoS Overview for Huawei NE40E/80E Router

Class-based QoS defines traffic classifiers based on certain rules and associates traffic classifiers with certain traffic behaviors, forming certain traffic policies. After these policies are applied to interfaces, class-based traffic policing, traffic shaping, congestion management, and precedence re-marking are implemented.
The Huawei NE40 routerNE80E supports DiffServ and provides standard forwarding services such as EF and AF for users by using the following traffic management measures:
1 Traffic classification
2 Traffic policing
3 Traffic shaping
4 Congestion avoidance
QoS of the NE80E/40E supports traffic policy with the above measures and mapping between the QoS fields in the IP header and the MPLS header.
The traffic policies in the NE80E/40E are as follows:
1 Traffic policy based on complex traffic classification
The NE80E/40E carries out traffic policing, re-marking, filtering, policy-based routing and
traffic sampling based on the class of the packet. Such a policy is applied to the border
router of a DiffServ domain.
2 Traffic policy based on simple traffic classification
The NE80E/40E re-sets the CoS, color and drop precedence of packets based on the mark fields in the packet. Such a traffic policy is configured on a router near the core of a network.
3 Internal traffic policy in the router
The NE80E/40E uses the internal traffic policy to control the traffic sent from the LPU to
the SRU so that the SRU remains in a stable state.
1 DiffServ is used to guarantee the bandwidth for BA data flows. The NE80E/40E uses the pre-defined queuing mechanism to assign resources for EF, AF and other services. Users do not need to configure queue management.
2 The precedence of complex traffic classification is higher than that of simple traffic classification.
Class-Based QoS Supported by the NE80E/Huawei NE40-X3
The device supports class-based QoS that is implemented through traffic policing, traffic
shaping, congestion management, and precedence re-marking.
The NE80E/40E supports class-based QoS to implement:
1 Traffic policing based on complex traffic classification, re-marking, packet filtering,
policy-based routing, load balancing, URPF, NetStream, and mirroring
2 Mapping of priorities of services between networks based on simple traffic classification
3 Traffic policing based on UCL

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